Recently I was told that the chances of an earthquake in this heat – combined with the rise of a full moon are much larger. Well, we already walk on a land of earthquakes. And, I still behold, I wait for an earthquake that may shake the streets up and bring your room some three blocks closer to mine, so that I can come rescue you while we run from the vultures that patiently stalk on us. And, it’s coming closer.

Never would I be first on your list of needed ingredients that you buy and are actually useless to your existence. But, I am getting closer.

I find myself between the ceiling and the wet bathroom floor.

Wet from the foam that now exits my skin cells.

Slowly, every item disappeared, I am the last one standing.

It feels like a battle where nobody won. Because in love, war makes no sense (at all).

I was told that the chances of a deadly earthquake are much larger now, while we die of boredom, so secretly waiting for something to happen. And, it’s finally coming closer. The dead will join us, we will become wiser, and will finally turn off the Sun and join The Great Holly Heaven. And we will be back, again, as tired soldiers, ready for a war without  conqueror. When, anyway, war makes no sense (at all), and still, it’s coming closer.


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