“Man is what he believes.” — Anton Chekhov

…And you must be so much better than, not only your closest neighbor, but all the neighbors. Hell, better than every soul who sets foot on this street. Yes, I will go no f(a)rther than that. I don’t need to. A mailman brings me my letters, coupons and promotions, a 18 year old rebel, who escaped home and now walks on the edge to be homeless (what a loser, it’s all his fault anyway), brings my newspapers. We have a church, a beautiful church I never go to. A church my wife takes the kids to. I am a good father. I make sure God will show them the right way. I’ve done my job. We have stores, we have malls, thank God we have a shop for Electronics. I wouldn’t go a day without my TV or a day without my microwave. How else would I pop my popcorn just in time for my favorite TV Show, warm up the pizza after my wife didn’t pleased me with her version of Chinese food… Or, to find out if any recent Tsunami has hit my home town. That’s when I would, eventually, pay a visit to my family. And, mourn if I feel like it, after their stinky remains. Yes, we are doing alright and I hate traveling. What is the world anyway. I know who I am, I know my name, address and social number. I pay my bills… Hell, if I think about it, I am not even allowed to go someplace else. Yeah, a law suit. And, it’s a long story… Now, I have to go back to the sofa, quiet down the kids and watch some sports… Yeah, son. It hardly gets any better than this. And  make sure we take a picture with my new suit!





(featured art, source: http://rebloggy.com/post/scary-drawing-death-skulls-art-black-and-white-depression-cool-creepy-painting-p/88988315701)


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